Twilight Thoughts

I think that many artists come up with thoughts for painting ideas on monumental scales, but not necessarily meaning large. Just incredibly interesting ideas to explore, with a plethora of visions in the head, for which you only hope you can possibly live long enough to attempt the half of them. It can sometimes appear painful, but it is certainly not a tragedy. I keep them in the back of my mind, knowing that they are taking on different forms, and I will pull them out of the pot once I can. Some images of places and things mark me for life, and I never need or want a camera, though I use one also sometimes for sentimental reasons, show my family where I am, etc. Making a painting of something, instead, is a special thing indeed, even if it happens for a few minutes. An artist like me gets taken over by color, light, the elements in a way that kids go dancing in the rain. You get cold without knowing it, but goodness is it fun for the brain and heart. And also great exhilaration if you can get to home safe before the real world sinks in.

Here are a few more of my most recent paint sketches. These are between 20 x 30 cm and 30 x 40 cm, and though I would love to spend more time with some of them, the “landscape” changes, so I do what I can in the time I have. I like how it causes me to be even more efficient with color mixing, as I feel more accurate each time with the exercize.