Small Windows of Time: 2009-2011

Messy Bedrooms
Outside Glimpses
Housekeeping Experiments
Certosa Paintings

Painted over the course of a few hours, days, weeks or months between the end of 2009-present, these small windows of time present themselves to me at random moments and stretches and in overlaps. The “things” in the paintings are what they are or what they appear to be, never staged, and without significance other than that of the found object and the delight that may bring. Rifling through the mess – both as a “housewife” and as a painter – means that when I see the chaos, I fight between the need to tidy up and the desire to paint it, often preferring to organize the forms on the canvas instead of in the room. Everything around me is part of a painting in progress, even if it no longer appears in the completed painting.


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