Recent Paintings: Small Windows of Time

Cat on Desk in Mauve – in progress

Martian & Rose, 2011

Stage 2-4, 2010

Twilight Violet and Lime, 2010

Pink Sheets, 2010

Pink Afternoon, 2010

Twilight Rose, 2010

Bathtub Laundry, 2010

Salmon Lover, 2010

Fighting a Pink Wall, 2010

Kitten Cool, 2010

Merger of Visa and Nike, 2010

Green Grocer’s Bag, 2010

One Fan & Mouse, 2011

Interior Landscape with Kitten, 2010

Burgundy and Grey Day, 2010

Pink Pillow, 2010

Pink Blue Burgundy, 2009

Indoor Tree, 2010

Approaching of the Storm, 2010

Pink Journal, 2010

Closet, 2010

Pink Window of Time, 2010

Amber Wall, 2010

Pillows, 2010

Morandi by the Bed, 2009

Two Star Salute, 2009

Female Tree, 2010

Cypress, Kiryat Moshe, 2010

Self Portrait with Floral Blouse, 2010

Self Portrait in Studio, 2010

Self Portrait as Housewife with Cat, 2009

Square Me, 2010

Self Portrait Sketch, 2010

Gunk in a Little Jug, 2009

Onions, 2009

Range of White, Kipnis Street, 2009

Gabriel’s Trumpet, 2009

Cyan and Chrome, 2009

Flugelhorn, 2009

Gabriele, 2009

Apples, 2009

Purple Puddle, 2009


11 thoughts on “Recent Paintings: Small Windows of Time

  1. Wow! Rebecca, I am so impressed. Thank you so much for sharing your art. My favorites are Purple Puddle and Laundry at the Mount. I loved your descriptions of your inspirations. You are amazing! Love, Maggie

  2. Hi Rebecca,
    Remember me? Just admiring your paintings. I love the new style. Purple Puddle and Pilgrim are amazing, Sargent eat your heart out!
    Lots of love x

  3. Eli – thank you immensely for your comment. As a painter, I do often feel like I am looking in from the outside with a great deal of affection, often for things I have just stumbled upon.

    1. Thank you Isabelle, and for commenting with your web address – I enjoyed clicking over to view your art!

  4. Dear Rebecca,
    I have really enjoyed looing at your work today.
    I have been so captivated by your JSS blog etc, I never made it over to your personal website. You have made and are making some very beautiful and interesing paintings! Especially love Pink Blue Burgundy and Twilight Purple.

  5. Thanks Dean, I appreciate your looking and your thoughts, and I look forward to seeing you in Italy this summer.

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