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Small Windows of Time

Painted over the course of a few hours, days, weeks or months between the end of 2009-present, these paintings are ones that I fit into my day, usually catching my eye as I am just wandering by busy with something else. The window of time presents itself at random times and stretches and in overlaps, and it is up to me to drop everything and try to give it a shot. The “things” in the paintings are what they are or what they appear to be, never staged, and without significance other than that of the found object and the delight that may bring. Rifling through the mess – both as a “housewife” and as a painter – means that when I see the chaos, I fight between the need to tidy up and the desire to paint it, organizing the forms on the canvas instead of in the room. Everything in the house is part of a painting in progress, which is about as real as you can get.

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Twilight Violet and Lime

Red Suitcase

Pink Sheets

Burgundy & Grey Day

Stage 2-4

Pink Scribble

Blue Diagonal


Twilight Sketch

Blue Bed in Studio

Misty Sundown in Pink and Blue

Merger of Visa and Nike

Kitten in Yellow and Pink

Portal Reflection

Purple Blanket

Intense Afternoon Sun

Salmon Lover

Fighting a Pink Wall

Peachy Morning

Green Grocery Bag

Indoor Tree

Kitten Cool

Morandi by the Bed

Morning Sheets

Pink Pillow

Memory Painting with Cat

Memory Window

Bathroom Laundry

Red Pareo

Lavender Corner

Cat on Desk in Mauve (in progress)

Moving In

Range of White

Tre cipolle

Martian & Rose

Mountains of Gunk

Flowers in a Dijon Jar

Fan and Mouse

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