Heat Wave

Here in Israel we have had our first taste of a very hot summer to come. These two paintings are from the last couple of days, when the sky has gone yellow and hazy, filled with sand blown in from the desert and some very humid air. I started several other ones, but I am displeased about them at the moment – I will see if I can rescue them from their doomed voyage to the world of unsuccessful paintings. An hour after working on the self-portrait with floral blouse, the kitten got up from the salmon sheets and knocked over the mirror, shattering it to pieces.

Self-Portrait with Floral Blouse

Salmon Lover


8 thoughts on “Heat Wave

  1. The first painting, the portrait, I feel as if you are looking at me as if to wonder, who is viewing who!?
    It’s a beautiful painting, and the feeling from it is very beautiful!
    I have a cat, so the second painting felt real to me. Like we
    have simular things in common.
    maybe, or maybe not, I want to say your art work is so very wonderful, and I enjoy it very much.
    William Whalberg

  2. Dear William,

    It gives me such pleasure to know that a painting of mine can inspire you! It happened all so fast, the making of the picture: I sat down, looked in the mirror and found I liked the composition with the window behind. All of the tones seemed to work well together, and being unlit made it a very interesting painting challenge for me, in terms of dealing with closely ranged tones and subtle shifts in color in the flesh tones. The floral pattern offered some relief in pure tones. And the whole thing just felt like summer to me.
    Happy to know you return to look again!

    1. Rahina, thank you very much for the compliments!

      Sylviane, your comments are most welcome here – glad you stopped by for a peek, and I hope you will come again. Thank you for your thoughts.

    1. Thanks Chris – I will now go check out your blog!
      Aletha, glad to know you liked the contraluce in the self-portrait – it was what struck me to do the painting. Thanks for posting your thoughts.

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