Penchant for Pink

As I am leaving for the US this evening for two weeks, I thought I would post some of the paintings I have been working on since my return from Italy to Israel. My flight does not leave until midnight, so amidst the little bit of packing I must do, I will also spend a good part of the day painting. It seems to appear that I am currently fixated on pink, but this is only because in the short time I have been back, the pink sheets were the clean ones! And they make everything take on a pinkish hue.

My trip to the US will include seeing my entire family reunited for a birthday and a wedding, before I begin a busy trip to visit about 20-30 contemporary artists across the country for a personal studio visit. I will begin in the Midwest (Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana), then California (San Francisco), and finish in the New York area (Brooklyn, Boston, Baltimore and Philadelphia). Quite a hectic trip, but I am very excited about meeting them, seeing their work in person, and discussing some international artist opportunities I am developing for significant contemporary figurative painters.


2 thoughts on “Penchant for Pink

  1. Rebecca, your paintings are absolutly marvellious! I enjoy the wonderful way your paintings communicate. Thank you so much for sharing these.
    I was born, raised, and live in Minnesota, so when I read you plan to see the midwest,(Wisconsin) I had to smile.
    Have a pleasent trip. All my best to you!

  2. Huh! I am just about to leave the U.S (spent the summer in NY) to go back to Italy. Bad timing – it would have been great to see you either here or there… Lemmee know next time you’re in Florence. All the best to you, Rebecca.

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