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It has been a busy and exhausting last two weeks, having needed to find a new home in Israel for the next five months. Our landlord had sold the apartment we were living in, and so – like good tenants – we let him sell, and that meant trying to find a new home until October. Until I had begun the search, I had no idea how hard that was going to be. Everyone in Israel moves in the summer apparently, and everyone wants a long-term rental. After a couple cancellations the day of signing a contract for a new place, we at last found someone willing to rent short-term who didn’t pull the plug last minute. It has also been some serious Hebrew immersion – at last – as we have no language in common. I think I have understood the important parts, I hope.

The new place is a house, with a sand yard and patio. Perfect for building sand castles in the sweltering heat of the summer, I should say. So much silence, plenty of light, and believe it or not, this one also has a room with a north-facing window for use as a studio. I have begun painting again as of yesterday, and it is feeling very good. To our dismay, the house had no furnishings nor appliances, so thanks to trusty Google translate and Yad2 website, we have managed to equip the house with some second-hand things and some new items, including a most amazing latex memory foam mattress topper. Visa the cat has also adjusted amazingly well, and is enjoying greatly the ground floor supervision at night.

Moving can be hard, just as it is for cats. Just as I was really beginning to feel in my territory, it’s time to pack up, clean up and adapt to a completely new situation. But of course, it is also a blessing. Things become juxtaposed in a completely unpredictable way, and thoughts become compressed, urgent even, with several different threads and to-do lists running through them. Old paintings were pulled out of corners and painted over, and I finally got a sense of just how much painted volume I now have – frightening, but not ghastly.

I am including here a few pieces done during this transition from house to house. Only the one of the refrigerator is in the new place, but I started a couple others yesterday. Though I am not yet finished with the large square painting, I did some last minute changes just before moving, and I am interested to see what of the new house may make its way inside of it.

Implosion, in progress. Please click on all images for enlarged viewing.

Portal reflection

Tre cipolle

Visa on the Fridge


3 thoughts on “Before & After

  1. Hi Rebecca; Your painting has all the color and rhythm
    of an orchestra! The chair counter ballences with everything else perfectly.
    I hope your move goes smoothly. I’m also moving and it’s become a juggling act.
    Your cat Visa brings charm and character, that’s cool!
    I like how you commented what the new place will bring to your painting. It’s all memories now.
    I hope your new place brings all the good you need to
    continue! Thanks for posting.

  2. William, your comments always bring a smile to my face – so thank you!
    The orchestral square piece with the chair has the current title of “Implosion” so it will be interesting to see what may happen next!
    Change is good, and I am going through quite a lot of them at the moment! Moving in to a new place brings out all sorts of good feelings though. I hope your moving is going smoothly and that you are very soon tucked in to a new niche for yourself. Happy painting to you!

  3. Wow, you really know how to get some paintings done!

    I like ‘Portal refection’, because it gives me an idea for creating
    great depth in a composition, from a sharply painted figure to
    all the content that can fall way back into a gradual blurring
    background. Great technique Rebecca 🙂

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