About Me

This site was begun in 2009 first and foremost as a place to share my work and my musings on painting. As time went by, I realized how difficult it is to ever completely share one’s feelings on art without putting them into the context in which I experience them, one which includes who or what I like or need to look at for inspiration and why.  At the same time, I was missing the dialogue of teaching after so many years of working closely with students.

As for my background, I was born in 1973 in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin in the United States, the second of seven children.  I graduated cum laude from Lawrence University in 1995 with a double bachelor of arts in English Literature and Italian Renaissance studies. In 1998, I moved to Florence, Italy to begin my studies at Charles Cecil Studios in charcoal, pencil and pastel drawing of the figure, cast, and portrait, and in 2000 I began painting in oil and teaching. In 2003, I was pleased to receive the “Best of Show” award at the Trinidad, Colorado National Fine Arts Competition, and I am very honored that my works now rest in private collections in Australia, Canada, England, France, Holland, Hong Kong, Israel, Italy, Malta, Spain, South Africa, and the United States. I have exhibited in London, New York, Boston, Rome, Florence, and Napoli.

From 2003 to 2008, I taught drawing and painting in my private studio school in Florence, Italy to students from around the world.  From 2009-2011, I concentrated on both indoor and outdoor scenes in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and Rehovot, Israel.  Since 2012, I call Napoli my home, where I devote myself to my two children and sneak in painting time whenever I can, with the help of my husband.  I am currently focused on landscape and cityscape subjects in neighborhoods which are very dear to me.


4 thoughts on “About Me

  1. The Talmud states as follows;Ten measures of beauty descended upon this world and nine of these measures took Jerusalem,You seem to capture some of this beauty in your paintings.

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