Certosa Paintings

In 2010, I spent July and August at the beautiful Certosa di Pontignano, a former monastery converted into a university guesthouse outside of Siena. I was managing the inaugural Italy program for the Jerusalem Studio School there, and in my free time I often turned to things in my immediate vicinity, often preferring the multitude of motifs inside my very bedroom. It was quite a shock when I returned to Israel and tried to hang these on the wall next to paintings I had painted in Israel; the difference in temperature and light was almost alarming, the blue, cool light of Israel versus the warm pinks of Italy. To view, click on any thumbnail below to enter the image carousel, or scroll down for larger images which can be clicked on for detailed viewing.

Pink Window of Time

Pink Journal


Arch Study

Approaching of the Storm

Blue Cloud


Amber Wall

Golden Arch

Four Poster Sketch

Mirrors and Cellphone

PM View

Lavender Washing

Bed Study


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